Resolve Your Divorce in a Peaceful Manner

Work With a Certified Divorce Mediator | Divorce Law Offices in San Francisco & Oakland, CA

Sometimes people grow apart. To what is best for your family, you don’t want to bring overwhelming emotions into the divorce process. Couples across the country are finding there’s a civil way to end their marriages: mediation. If you and your partner are willing to try ending your marriage with an alternative resolution process, call People Law Practice.

We always start our cases with a mediation approach and only resort to litigation when necessary. Attorney Susanna Tuan understands how important it is to end a marriage in a civil manner. Call People Law Practice today for mediation services in Oakland and San Francisco, California at 415-854-0298.

Choose mediation, and you’ll be thankful later

You don’t need to go through more emotional pain. You can end your divorce peacefully without the need for emotionally charged battles and conflicts. People Law Practice will work with you, your spouse and their attorney and find better ways to:

  • Divide your assets
  • Figure out child custody arrangements
  • Determine child support

Get through the divorce without any battle scars. Call a trained mediator in San Francisco right now to effectively and civilly end your marriage.