I called Susanna between 2015/16 trying to schedule a consultation appointment. Most lawyers don't even want to spend a lot of time on the phone discussing the issue or understanding the reason of your visit (consultation $$) However, over the 3 phone calls Susanna was very patient to listen to what I had to say and in the end, she concluded that what I had in mind is an non-issue. She probably spent 30-45 mins on the phone with me and did not charge me a cent (because it is a non-issue). I thanked her for her time. Although this is not a review for service rendered, I will probably give her my business if I ever need her help again

Papas S

Susanna is very attentive and cares about her clients! I felt like she truly listened and cared about my situation and was very thoughtful in her responses. I would highly recommend her if you have any sort of estate planning, divorce or family law issues.

Tracy V

Susanna was very kind to me. She listened to my issue and although she couldn't help me because it wasn't her specialty she referred me to someone who could. She also gave me some great advice in the mean time.

Janeice C

The process of divorce has such a negative connotation, especially walking into an unknown arena where the legal diction and required documents can be tedious and intimidating, all while going through an emotional roller coaster. Susanna's service has transformed my negative connotation of this process to a positive one. I chose Susanna because of her firm's philosophy. From the start she was very personable which helped to calm my stress and ease my concerns, her sense of understanding made my transition comforting. I will return to her again for my future family needs. Without a doubt her poised personality, flexibility and patience have been much appreciated. I highly recommend her service. I am positive she will render the same to you

Angel H

Susanna assisted me with a estate plan for all of my assets. She was so helpful and professional about answering all the questions I had, as well as looking at my best interest. Going into legal matters and documents can seem to be very overwhelming and confusing, but Susanna genuinely cares about you and what is most advantageous for you. I never felt that I was an inconvenience, and she made sure she listened to my needs to transfer that into my plan. I love that fact that she was so easy to deal with and a pleasure to be around! As well as being at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Susanna to anyone who wants someone to talk to them like they are important and take care of their needs thoroughly and appropriately.

Jo J

My husband I decided to step up and finally set up our personal living trusts and other legal documents to provide for our children. Susanna was very clear, thoughtful and meticulous in walking through all possible documents and contingencies, explaining the implications of various decisions. Legal matters can feel overwhelming and confusing to discern what matters and what doesn't. I appreciated that Susanna gave us context and background (including thorough explanations on Wills vs Trusts) to give us confidence in our choices. Susanna also worked seamlessly with my workplace ARAG insurance and otherwise had very reasonable rates, so I would highly recommend her.

Grace P

Susanna developed a premarital agreement (aka prenup) for me. She charged me a flat fee for the service, and had very reasonable rates. I felt like I could call her at any time to ask questions without feeling rushed. Susanna listened very attentively to my needs, and tried hard to write an agreement that my fiance and I both agreed on. I consider very sweet, cooperative, considerate, and professional. She has offices in San Francisco and Oakland with flexible hours. She worked quickly on our tight timeline. I plan on using her services for my estate planning too.


My fiance is French and Im American. I had no idea how to start the process of getting him an American visa and Susanna calmly and confidently walked us through the whole process. She answered every question, knew the correct forms, deadlines, prepped us for the interview, etc. She made what could have been a stressful experience feel organized and even a little romantic. Her main priority is her clients experience and she thinks through every detail. I chose her because of her extensive experience and and genuine attention to her clients individual needs and I was so pleased - shes the best!

Erica S

I was initially intimidated by the idea of getting a prenuptial agreement. The first few lawyers I contacted made us feel like they just wanted to process our paperwork so that they could get a check, which added to my anxiety. After sharing my frustrations, a friend referred me to Susanna. She immediately made me feel at ease over phone as she answered my (many) questions. It was really important for me to have a trusting and comfortable relationship with the person doing our prenup because of the amount of personal information I had to share. Susanna, my fiancé, and I collectively made decisions about what we wanted to include. She was warm & welcoming, and not overly formal. She listened to everything we had to say and then confidently gave us options and her opinion. She was also very responsive by email & phone. Oh, and on top of it all, her hourly rate was really competitive because she has a fairly new practice. She's an awesome lawyer & I strongly recommend her! We will continue to turn to Susanna for anything that our family needs in the future.

Nicole S

I am so very pleased to have had Susanna's legal council through what could have been a very messy divorce. Where I experienced fear in outcome she saved the day as well as time and money. She's a very good choice to have on your side especially when the odds are against you. Plus a bonus, she's very knowledgeable and articulates a good argument.

Kerry G