Find a Way Through Your Emotional Separation

Call a highly intuitive divorce law attorney in Oakland and San Francisco, California

You never thought the day would come – but you and your spouse are splitting up. You’re not sure what the future holds. All you know is that you need a good lawyer to get you through the divorce process. People Law Practice provides dedicated and passionate support for divorcing couples in Oakland and San Francisco, California.

Attorney Susanna Tuan will find the best solution for you and your spouse, and she will make sure to keep your children’s futures in mind throughout the divorce proceedings. Call People Law Practice right now to discuss your situation with a trustworthy and passionate attorney.

Attorney Tuan is on your side

You deserve to work with an attorney who cares about you and your family. At People Law Practice, you’re more than a case file on a desk. You’re more than another number in our books. You are our top priority. Trust attorney Susanna Tuan and her legal team to assist you by:

  • Using mediation methods to encourage a more civilized split
  • Offering legal guidance for child support and custody situations
  • Meeting you virtually or in person – whatever works best for you

You’ve gone through enough pain and suffering. Set your family up for a more positive future. Call People Law Practice right now to discuss your needs with a highly intuitive divorce lawyer in San Francisco.